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Girls Dilemma: Choose The Best Shoes For Best Quality

Girls Dilemma: Choose The Best Shoes For Best Quality

Having a good choice of fashion style will be very much delightful. Especially for girls, this becomes a need for women to have a good taste in mix and match. In this case, we will talk about the fashion style in shoe. This one will also be the most important thing to know especially not all shoes are proper to wear in certain opportunities. As a girl, we can come to the big dilemma. Not only choosing the right shoes for the right moment, but also the quality. We can never give up looking for the great shoes that will also keep our looks better.

The right quality of your shoes will also influence the use. It might be fit in your feet properly and comfy, or perhaps it might not be perfect at all. Therefore, the choice of your shoes becomes very important. Do not only see the look but the other part of the shoes is also necessary. Therefore, it might come to another question which is, which one is better for you? The branded shoes or the handmade one? Here is the answer for you.

If you are really fashionable and think that your idol will be a center of your fashion style, many of you will choose the branded shoes. Nothing goes wrong of choosing the branded shoes for your best fashion style. But, for several girls, it is hard to afford the branded ones since the price is also quite high. When someone like this is offered to have the handmade shoes, first thing appears is about the quality. Will it be in the same level of branded shoes in case of quality of the material? Or it will never be the same.

What you need to know is, not all handmade shoes can be underestimated when we talk about the quality. Sometimes, the power of branded shoes will only come from the brand itself. If handmade shoes are made from the same material without those brands, it will be the right shoes to choose. It is because the quality will never lie to you and you can see it true. There is nothing wrong also for some girls tend to choose handmade shoes. When they even can make it by themselves they can do something more creative for their shoes. So, it is not only talking about the fashion style, but they can make their own money if the marketing of handmade shoes work well. This is also the way of the branded shoes used to be introduced and known by many people.

So, as a good woman and girl, it is better to choose it not only because of your taste. Those choices are the same if you just know what you need. As long as you can be very much careful before buying your shoes, it does not matter when you tend to prefer the branded one, or the handmade one. Quality must be on priority so that your fashion look will be as gorgeous as you wish.


1950s Vintage Fashion Shoes for Female

1950s Vintage Fashion Shoes for Female

1950s fashion styles brought the style of conservative wars which was like bigger dress, richer accessories, taller hairstyles, and plainer shoes. Instead of pile fancy adornments and bold patterns, shoe styles were basic single classic color pumps, wedgies, loafers, and flats. Brown and black colors were the best choice for many people of to be worn in day wear. The brighter shoes color was worn for house slippers or summer footwear. Moreover, vintage fashion shoes coordinated with any accessories for people outfits, purses, belts, gloves, and even jewelries perfectly.

The vintage fashion shoes in 1950s are varied but most of them are in these famous styles. The first is a style of stiletto heeled pump, court, and opera shoes style was popular. These shoes were really tall with around 4-inch of spiked heels which was very thin. In early, the heels were from metal cap which left the dents in wood floors to require some court houses and museum that did not allow wearing stiletto shoes.

The stiletto was featured with V shaped of tall arches. The red color was common color to be worn in formal outfit and it was the boldest color back then. Actually, this style of shoes was not practical and it might only be worn for certain special occasion and people would not be able to wear it in long time. It might be only fitted for fashion models better than other people. The style of winkle picker was the most extreme type of opera pump. It had high thin heels and sharp pointy toes.

Stiletto heeled pump

It was popular in 1950s and usually be worn for semi formal occasion. It was very thick but had tall heels that could be matched with such a fancy dress. Many heels had carved, painted, and printed designs on it while the rest of them were decorated in around its edges. The other shoe style is strappy heel shoes which were good to be worn for evening outfit. The ultra thin style of its T-straps, ankle straps, and sling back had enough coverage in order to keep the shoes on but it might make the foot looked like it was bare; especially when people wear the shoes with nude colors or clear plastics.

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The other vintage fashion shoes in 1950s were the shoes with chunky ankle straps. Actually, this design was created in 1940s that was worn by pinup girls. While the thicker heel of shoes was the popular design for working class, many fashionable people preferred to wear the small narrow heels of shoes as the rebellion from masculine style in 1940s. Then, the next is the style of thin kitten heeled shoes. This style of shoes was more comfortable and safer to be worn.

Also, it gave the impression of elegancy and classy. The shoes were made by reptile skin or soft leather. Some fabrics materials like mesh or velvet were used to make it as well. These shoes would be more fashionable for people who wore it for evening outfits with glittery gold or dark silver and jewels tone colors.

How to Find Great Fashion Shoes Online

How to Find Great Fashion Shoes Online

Ladies will never have enough of buying shoes moreover when there are a lot of beautiful and chic shoes that can attract them. Since the trade way nowadays is easy to do by online, buying fashion shoes will not be difficult as long as you know what your foot size. There are many online shops that offer fashionable shoes you can buy with a huge range of models and styles. Online shop may be the perfect place where you can find a dozen of shoes styles that will fit your desire.

Fashion Shoes Online

There are many footwear styles to match any outfits you wear in many occasion. You will be able to find many kinds of shoes styles from high heels, boots, sandals, and many others with price range. You may find your favorite shoes online that is trendy to match your outfit with low price. In many online shops, they do not only provide female shoes but also shoes for fashionable male in affordable price. Fashion shoes online shop has a huge range of shoes styles that you can see them without having tired to see the shoes by walking through from one place to another. What you need is only sitting or lying on your bed and scrolling from your mobile or laptop to find the most favorite one.

What makes a pair of shoes match your style is based on what you choose when you buy it and in what occasion you wear it. The most important thing when you want to buy a pair of fashion shoes online is selecting the right style and size. There are several tips you may need to help you finding the right fashion shoes in online shops to fit your footwear. The shoes should be comfortable for your feet without pinching it since it should have a little space in between the end of shoe and your toes.

For some shoes, they may expand for over time but it expands for very little amount. Therefore, you have to keep in your mind that it may be very small for you. If you should choose one in between a pair of shoes with a little bigger or a little smaller, then it will be better for you to choose the bigger one in order to prevent getting the unnecessary rubbing. It is common to feel the rubbing in wearing shoes, but if it discomforts you continuously so you have to exchange the shoes with larger size.

Fashion Shoes Online

Looking for fashion shoes online that match your interest may be difficult yet easy to do. A pair of shoes can enhance your appearance and make you look fashionable in case you can match it with the dress or any clothes you wear. Great footwear can bring you to the next level of confidence in every occasion you attend. You may think that the dress or your clothes is the most important thing you have to consider when going to somewhere, but actually it will not be a great outfit without proper shoes you wear.